Dental Implants Get Infected Too

This may come as a surprise to you. By now, you know full well that teeth and gums will be infected by illness, disease and poor hygienic habits. But little did you know that dental implants made as a result of these pitfalls could also get infected as well. But thank goodness, Infected Dental Implants can be treated as well. Knowing when a dental implant is infected is easy enough as well. Just take a quick look at no less than four tell-tale signs.

Signs of an infected dental implant are as follows. There could be red or swollen gums. There could be difficulty in chewing. The implantation area could encounter pain. If not that, there could even be fever. Finally, the implants could be loose. Recognizing these symptoms at the earliest will help prevent it from spreading and the subsequent treatment of infected dental implants could be as safe as receiving them.

This is why it is just so important to subject yourself to regular dental checkups. Early identification of swollen gums can help the dentist prevent a more serious infection. The argument goes that once you have become accustomed to your new dental implants you should have no difficulties chewing normal food. Today’s dental implants are just as good as strong and healthy normal teeth, provided of course, that you have been looking after them as well.

Down the line, any minor discomfort experienced while chewing food could be the signs of an early infection and not the damaging of the implants. It remains essential that you pay a visit to your dentist at the earliest possible opportunity in order to ward off any possibility of further infection and/or deterioration. An infected dental implant could be painful. The infection in this case could have been bacterial.

The increase of pain is a clear sign that the infection is getting worse and that it could be spreading. Allowing this to happen makes it harder for the dentist to treat. It is also going to take longer to treat this condition. Loose implants may not necessarily be the result of an infection. The root cause if you will could have been the result of a hard, accidental knock. Nevertheless, loose implants need to be treated as early as possible.

Infected Dental ImplantsSigns of an infected dental implant

Leaving things as is is a recipe for infection. The loose implant creates room for food and bacteria to enter the gums. And when that happens, it makes normal cleaning difficult. Neglecting infected or ruptured dental implants is a risky venture indeed. Infected dental implants is also known clinically as peri-implantitis. The infectious inflammation that occurs affects the surrounding soft and hard tissue of the oral cavity.

Apart from the obvious early damage, there are long term risks in ignoring infected or ruptured dental implants. But it stands to good reason that all should be well. You are, in any event, scheduled for regular dental checkups, and should you not notice anything, your dentist surely will.